Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Favorite Food in DC .. but with more beer.

I can be a bit of a foodie, but I most prefer great food enjoyed casually. I happen to think that Marcels is the very finest food in DC. When I go, especially since I am typically alone on a business trip, I eat at the bar. The full menu and wine list is available there. It is comfortable, sometimes with a piano playing, and the food is excellent. Now, there is another great choice, but with even more great beer! You see, Marcel's is Belgian. Belgian cuisine is notable for several things, but Belgian beer is first rate as well. is a new restaurant with the same executive chef. It is advertised as being more casual and a bit cheaper. It is both, but I have always found Marcel's itself to have a very reasonable bar menu. At Beck's you have only a bar menu. You can really enjoy either. Beck's - and this is the punchline - also has a beer menu! Tons of interesting beers. Enjoy.

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