Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gahm Mi Oak

My favorite Korean dish is Bi Bim Bap. It is a rice bowl with lots of Korean vegatables and sometimes meat. At Gahm Mi Oak, there will be meat. I am guessing you could request vegi, if you want. There is always a side of red hot sauce, but kind of thick like ketchup, not thin like Tabasco. I dump in all of it and mix thoroughly. At this restaurant, this is pretty much the only option that is not family style. It always comes with a free side soup (broth really) made from oxtail - don't quote me on the oxtail, as the menu doesn't make this clear. You add scalions and salt to taste. It also comes with cool side dishes including a Kimche that I especially enjoy. It is not a dish that is sure to please me, but I like it at Gahm Mi Oak. It runs $12, and you will have to be hungry to finish it all. Give it a try. 43 W 32nd St New York, NY 10001.

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