Monday, August 27, 2007

"Hell's Kitchen" is quite nice, actually

The Maze is the slightly more casual, less expensive alternative to Ramsey at the London. Both are part of the growing Ramsey empire. Frankly, the shear number of restaurants gave me pause, but Gordon Ramsey, the Hell's Kitchen star, must run a type ship, because dinner at the Maze was outstanding.
The wine list is exceptional and the price, for what you get, is unheard of in Manhattan. There is a $55 4 course, and a $70 6 course. The portions are just a little more generous than typical in a set price, multi-course meal. It might seem odd to note, but if there was any risk of hunger, it is eliminated by the best bread outside of France. Truly, every course was in stiff competition for the best course, with no disappoints during the meal.
Despite the coicendence concerning the name of Ramsey's Fox network hit and the NY neighborhood, the location is a bit east of New York's Hell's Kitchen in the West 50s.

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