Thursday, September 13, 2007

One of the coolest food discoveries ever! Dessert Bars

A New York friend suggested a dessert bar. I have always enjoyed a short break between dinner and dessert, so why not. I pictured something like the very nice Sweet Lady Jane in LA, but the option in NY is even better.

(Sweet Lady Jane is just fantastic, but it is basically a great bakery with coffee, and tables. )

Chikalicious, in New York, has taken this to the next level. It is a three course, dessert experience. Amuse Bouche, Dessert Entre, and Petite Fours, and ... a wine pairing. Am I overacting? You try it! You will gush also.

I had fig over polenta, with corn ice cream - yes, that was corn ice cream.

All of this, and you get to chat with the chef, Chika, her sous chef, and her husband, while you watch them prepare the dessert in the exposed kitchen. So go ahead, and have the finest meal you can find in all of Manhattan, and then come here. It will have to be pretty amazing to compete with the dessert you'll have.

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casey said...

I too,have been mesmerized by "The Chika". Overreacting...hardly not. Any one who has been,knows of the super gastronomic powers of chikalicious. Don's wine pairings are deftly appropriate. Can't wait till their place in my hometown of Mumbai, India opens next year.