Thursday, September 13, 2007

South Street Seaport New York

I have been visiting NY every few weeks for 10 years, and I just discovered this neighborhood. South St. Seaport is all about smaller, older building and cobblestones. A tiny Nantucket, or Newport right on Manhattan, near the Brooklyn bridge. I tried two restaurants: Aqua and Bararini. There is a Hampton Inn right there, named "Seaport". Aqua was pretty good, although I got take out. Ravioli and white bean salad. Not worth the trip to seaport just for a meal there, but a good choice if you are there for other reasons.

Barbarini is a small deli style place with maybe 6 tables inside, and a couple outside. But ... the "green egg and crudite" sandwich I got there was just great. Pesto and lots of it makes it great, with a nice side salad. I wouldn't have ordered salad, but it turned out to be a perfect late breakfast. The cappuccino was just perfect.

Hampton Inn Manhattan-Seaport-Financial District
320 Pearl Street, New York, New York

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