Saturday, April 19, 2008


Many more reviews of sushi restaurants and I could have a spin-off page!

TAKA is truly outstanding. It is in the gaslamp neighborhood of San Diego - a city I underestimated on my first visit some years ago. I am not usually one for rolls, but the rainbow roll I shared with a friend was just great. A real standout was the Abalone I ordered - simply delicious. The selection of sashimi was some of the best I have had in North America. However, the highlight of the meal was "cold shabu shabu". I didn't know it was served cold, but shame on me for not knowing. It was absolutely delicious. You can't go wrong here. You will spend a bit more than some sushi places, but not by much, and certainly less than "fine dining". Several restaurants in the neighbor are more without being better. So a little pricey, but a bargain in the end. Just great.

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