Sunday, November 18, 2007


In bangkok, my two favorite restaurants are Cababges and Condoms, and Eat Me. The names are a bit suprising, and their styles are very different, but both are worth seeking out.

Cabbages and Condoms gets its name from its charity work - please reference their web site. The food is traditional and well done. A dragged a VERY skeptical group of Thai Americans there, and they were very pleased and impressed. I also went with friends from Isaan, and they were shocked that they could get good regional food there. If you are only in Bangkok for a couple of nights, and you want a variety of Thai foods, find this place. Ask the cab drive, while you are still at your hotel! Both restaurants can be hard to find.

Eat Me is a very trendy place with changing gallery exhibist running on the walls. This is the kind of place you go to make a night of it, hang out with friends, and spend 1/4 what you would in New York. Granted that will still be a king's ransom in Baht, but it won't really matter because in dollars (even in 2007), it won't seem like to much of a splurge. So it is all about , oysters, and roast duck, and nice wine, etc. Not a place for traditional Thai food, it is all about the International flavor, and being the guest of your Australia expat host.

Eat Me Hours: Daily 3pm-1am
Address Soi Pipat 2
Location A small street off of Convent Rd. just south of Silom Rd. in the Patpong area, The Business District
Phone 02238-0931

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