Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little Italy, New York

When walking through Little Italy one day, I picked this place pretty much at random. I am rehearsed at reading between the lines of menus posted outside restaurants, and it felt right. I ordered the shrimp and biscuits, which is exactly what is sounds like – popcorn shrimp over biscuits with lots of Vincent’s sauce. Be prepared for a choice - sweet, medium or hot. I got hot.

On a return visit, I asked if they were the place with the “shrimp and biscuits”. I had spent 45 minutes reading menus looking for them. Need I elaborate on my enjoyment of the dish the first time? The guys working the front looked at me like I was a crazy person, and I turned to leave. “Of course we serve Shrimp and Biscuits!” I sat at the bar, and the dish arrived in 5 minutes. I ate it in 5 minutes more, and commented to the bar tender that I wanted to end the meal right there. It was perfect. “They have been eating that dish in the kitchen for 100 years”. I inquired further, and learned that everyone at the restaurant eats the dish as their comfort food. You should too.

After a polite pause - afterall I had enjoyed one of the best $10 lunches that NY has to offer. I started looking for a little something before leaving the neighborhood. La Bella Ferrara has little tiny cannoli about the size of your thumb. Little Italy also offers Gelato on the street, and obviously lots of cafes. I havn't tried them all, but many seem touristy to me. Having said that, the cannoli was great. It was always a favorite of mine. So if in the restaurant, you are full, or the deserts are too big, and expensive, find this Pasticceria.

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