Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mama's Fish House

I have been to Maui 4 times. Each time I have gone I have visited Mama's Fish House. I am never disappointed. I would rather eat here once, and live off cold cereal and fish tacos (which are pretty darn good), then spend 1/3 as much on each of 3 dinners. Someone once explained that all the fishermen on the island try to sell their fish here. If it is excellent than this place will pay top dollar. Myth? Maybe, but they have some excellent fish here. The lunch menu has about 8 entrees on it. It changes everyday.
This time, I had the "spear-fish" prepared "upcountry style". I nearly avoided the very flavorful comfort food style preparation fearing that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the fish. Upcountry style involves onions, tomatoes, avocados and more. No concern, here it was delicious. And I love comfort food, anyway. I did a quick calculation and determined that the fish portion of my meal was probably as expensive per ounce as silver, but somehow I didn't mind. I didn't load on a lot of extras and the meal as a whole was reasonable at about $80 including salad, a cocktail and wine. Despite its enormous popularity, some tourists might skip out on the high price tag, and instead eat nightly at Bubba Gump shrimp, and other chains. Not me! Give me my one visit to Mama's and roadside stands instead.
Mama's is found in Paia, not far from the Kahalui (OGG) airport.

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